Donate to Master Builders Ministries

The vision that the Lord has given to Master Builders is really big that it is impossible for us to fulfill it without God and God-chosen people whom God sends to support this vision.

This support is primarily needed in prayer and also in other areas including financial support.

The financial support we receive is not only spend within our ministry needs but we also has a mandate to support other ministers and people in need and we cheerfully do that as God enables us to spend on other ministries and projects.

Jesus said that it is indeed more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35) and it is our heart desire that we want to develop a global missions fund to help and support missionaries so that unreached areas in India & beyond will be reached.

It is our privilege for us to have you as our partner in the Lord to support the vision of Master Builders. Here are some of the ways we spend the money that we received in Master Builders.

Monthly support of full time staff and missionaries. 

Host and organize Master Builders schools, seminars and conferences in India.

Invest into media resources that reaches and empowers the online community of believers and unsaved.

So as Lord leads you, we ask you to support the vision of Master Builders. You can give a one time donation or monthly commitment as God enables you and that will help us to take this vision forward and build nations for Christ starting from India.

Join us Now to be a financial partner of Master Builders. Sow Your Seed. Invest in the Kingdom of God. Reap Global Soul Harvest 

Making a donation is quick, easy and secure.

If you are residing in India, Click Here to know the ways to send your giving to MBM.

If you are residing outside India, Click Here to know the ways to send your giving to MBM.

Thank you for your support. May God bless your heart of generosity.