History of Master Builders

History of Master Builders Ministries is really His Story of how God started developing and leading a young man, Abram T. Francis to follow the steps of the Master Jesus Christ.

Born in a Christian family in Kerala, Abram T. Francis was really ambitious for securing a good career in medical profession but unfortunately had to bury that dream due to the sudden demise of his father who was running wholesale textile business. Being the elder son, no choice was given to him except to take over the business. Soon by the grace of God, the textile business flourished & he saw a great future in business realm.

In those years in December 1999 God touched his heart with great burden for revival of his native land “Malabar- Northern Kerala” and his focus started to shift from business to missions. Those days God wake him up in early morning hours to pray in tears for revival. His prayers was like the prayer of John Knox of Scotland telling God, “give me Kerala or else I die”.

On June 9th 2004 God spoke to him about God’s calling and purpose for his life in His kingdom and being obedient to the voice of God, he quit the textile business and entered into full time ministry. He was dedicated for full time ministry by his home church on 2nd Jan 2005 and as he was about to start revival ministry, God spoke to him about the need of preparation for ministry. In June 2005 God led him as a family out of Kerala to Mysore, Karnataka for a great ministry preparation.

On 12th march 2007 while he was having an early morning walk, he heard a loud internal audible voice of God saying, “ build, raise spiritual walls among nations” and throughout the day, he was thinking upon this sentence and Holy Spirit led him to 1 Cor 3:10. In that verse, the word “Master Builder” caught his attention and he understood that being a Master Builder for Christ to build believer’s for revival is his calling. God gave him the burden to pray for the powerless condition of Churches and believers from the book of Nehemiah and God gave him a divine understanding that revival will only happen when believers arise and build God’s kingdom in their marketplace (area of influence) Neh 2:17,18.

In May 2008, God led him to a supernatural experience where he saw in a vision that Jesus laying His hands on him and setting him apart for the office of the prophet  and he heard a voice saying, “I have chosen you to plant a new wave of Holy Spirit among Nations” Jere 1:9,10 and he understood that God wants him to pioneer a new mission movement that will empower believers to bring revival. i,e. all believers who have the revelation of Christ and His kingdom arise and shine in their marketplace with signs, wonders and miracles and by the grace and call of God, Master Builders Ministries was founded in April 2009.

During this season, God give him a compassion & burden for businessmen & professionals and he understood that his primary focus will be them. God showed him from Word of God that it is full of people like Joseph, Esther, Daniel, Nehemiah etc who used their skills in business,  administration and governmental areas to meet the needs of people and build God’s kingdom around them. God specifically told him that Master Builders will be a team ministry and He will bring faithful leaders to join this team so that together we will build God’s kingdom among all nations and praise God for His faithfulness that He is bringing chosen men and women with different gifting.